Radiation Oncology

Radiation therapy is one of the most modern & advance treatment for cancer. It aims to control the growth of tumor.

Radiation therapy is one of the most modern & advance treatment for cancer. It aims to control the growth of tumor & at the same time aims to minimize exposure of radiation to the surrounding normal healthy tissue.

It is used to treat a cancer as curative or Radical/Adjuvant/Neoadjvant/Palliative intent.

The Department Radiation oncology at Aadhar offers the most innovative & comprehensive array of radiation therapy by a most advanced True Beam Acceleration Machine to ensure a seamless integrated and multi-disciplinary approach to cancer treatment.

This department is supported by the department of medical physicist and radiotherapist with state of the art equipment.

Services Offered

With superior tumor imaging, treatment, plans can be created with using state of the art eclipse treatment planning system. Radiation treatment beams are designed in such a way to conform to tumor shape, thus deceasing normal tissue radiation dose and increasing probability of local tumor control.


Intensity modulated radiation therapy is a specialized 3DCRT Plan using inverse treatment planning & computer controlled intensity modulation of the radiation beams, with the help of 60 pair of moveable beams called multi leaf collimator (MLC) Each MLC move independently for more accurate targeting of the tumor. Radiation to normal tissues can thus be minimized.


Image guided radiation therapy IGRT is a type of conformal radiation treatment guided by imaging techniques such as x-ray or CT Scan taken treatment room prior to treatment. Our State-of-Art X Ray 6D systems is an image guided radiation therapy system that ensures daily setup consistency without prolonging treatment times. This helps to guarantee accurate patient setup.

Rapid Arc

Aadhar is equipped with rapid arc Radio therapy technology to deliverer IMRT, Which improves dose conformity while significantly shortening treatment times. Rapid arc delivers treatment five to eight times faster than other systems and increase precision, enabling physician to enhance standard of care.


(Stereo tactic Radio therapy) is an advanced & modernized form of radiation therapy that uses high energy x-ray beams to shrink or control the growth of a tumor or abnormal cells by hindering their growth or killing them.


(Stereo tactic Body Radiation therapy) SBRT is a technique that delivers high, radiation does to a tumor target up to a few C.M size, anywhere in body in a hypo treatment schedule, usually 2 to 5 fractions over one to two week period, without increasing complication as compared to conventional Radiotherapy

Brachy Therapy

Tondem & ovoid Brachytherapy

Vaginal Cylinder Brachytherapy

Esophagus Brachytherapy