Respiratory and Pulmonary Medicine

Respiratory and Pulmonary Medicine

Pulmonology involves the study of respiratory tract, chest pain and respiratory disorders. With day to day activities and changing lifestyles there is growing number cases in respiratory diseases. There are also numerous cases in lung cancer due to unhealthy habits such smoking.

But we can eradicate it if have right knowledge and better health care institute.

We at Aadhar Health Institute with a highly qualified and experienced team of doctors are fully committed to provide excellence in patient care.

If not treated at the right time it would lead to severe complicated issues. Pulmonary disorders can further affect the functioning and efficiency of various sensitive systems of our body.

Our highly qualified and experienced doctor are here to help in treating breathing problems such as allergy & asthma, sleep disorders and even snoring.

We believe in integrative and multidisciplinary approach for patient’s treatment and recovery



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