Dr. Pranit Bhusal


Dr Pranit Bhusal is a General and Pediatric Anesthetic and Specializes in Pre-operative Care and Administration of Anesthetics. He is working in leading Health Institute i.e., Aadhar Health Institute.
He completed his MBBS from Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences (MGIMS), Sewagram in the year 2011. He did his MD Anesthesiology from MGIMS, Sewagram in the year 2018.
Dr. Pranit previously worked as rural Medical Officer in the Department of Medicine at DR. Sushila Nayyar tribal hospital, Utawali. He was been a teacher, a senior resident, an assistant professor at the Department of Anesthesiology from Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Sewagram.
Apart from that he also did thesis on “Comparative in I-gel vs lma supreme in spontaneously breathing Anesthetized adult patients”.
He has an excellency in procedural skills related to Critical Care & Anesthesiology.
His clinical area of expertise are Airway Management – Direct Laryngoscopy Intubating LMA, Video Laryngoscope. Breathing Management – Invasive and Non-Invasive Ventilators. Circulation – Central Venous Cannulation, Radial/Femoral Artery Cannulation. He also has procedural skills in Lumbar Puncture.
He has strong zeal to provide excellent Anesthesia and Critical care

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