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Anaesthesiology at Aadhar health institute:

Anesthesiology is a specialized field of medicine dedicated to the comprehensive care of surgical patients before, during, and after surgery. At Aadhar Health Institute, our expert Anaesthesiologists play a crucial role in ensuring patient comfort, safety, and optimal outcomes during medical procedures.

Preoperative Assessment:

Before surgery, patients meet with their Anaesthesiologist for a thorough examination of their medical history. The Anaesthesiologist coordinates with other specialists to address any medical issues, ensuring the patient is optimized for surgery.

Role of Anaesthesiologists:

Anaesthesiologists are highly trained medical professionals with expertise in administering anaesthesia and monitoring patients throughout medical procedures. They manage complex physiological parameters, ensuring patient well-being during surgeries and medical interventions. Collaborating closely with healthcare teams, Anaesthesiologists prioritize patient comfort and safety.

Types of Anaesthesia:

  • Local Anaesthesia: Numbs a specific part of the body for pain relief during minor procedures, allowing patients to remain awake.
  • Regional Anaesthesia: Numbs a larger body area, such as an arm or leg.
  • General Anaesthesia: Induces unconsciousness, ensuring patients feel no pain or awareness during surgery. Administered through IV lines or inhaled gases, it is closely monitored by an Anaesthesiologist.
  • Conscious Sedation: A mild to moderate sedation level allowing patients to stay conscious but relaxed.
  • Monitored Anaesthesia Care (MAC): Conscious sedation ensuring pain-free procedures while keeping patients conscious.
  • Epidural Anaesthesia: Numbs the lower body, commonly used for pelvic or lower extremity procedures.
  • Spinal Anaesthesia: Injected into the spinal fluid, providing pain relief for lower body procedures like C-sections or lower abdominal surgeries.
  • Intravenous (IV) Sedation: Administers sedatives directly into veins for relaxation or sleep during procedures.

Subspecialties and Focus Areas:

Aadhar health institute Anaesthesiologists specialize in unique perioperative domains, including cardiac, neurosurgical, regional, obstetric, paediatric, critical care, and pain management anaesthesia.

Commitment to Excellence:

The department is dedicated to advancing the field through innovative research and educational programs. Aadhar Health Institute, is committed to delivering compassionate clinical care, developing future leaders, and advancing knowledge through scientific and clinical discovery.

Book an Appointment:

Patients can book online appointments with expert Anaesthesiologists at Aadhar Health Institute, specializing in spinal and local anaesthesia. Our experienced team ensures patient comfort and safety throughout the perioperative process.