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Nephrology Department Overview:

Our Nephrology Department stands as a leading center for the comprehensive management of all renal problems, led by the best nephrologists in Aadhar Health Institute. We offer state-of-the-art facilities for renal pathology, encompassing complete biochemical, immunological, microbiological, and histological (including immunofluorescence and immuno-histochemistry) back-up, all conveniently available under one roof.

Range of Kidney Services Available:

  1. Hemodialysis: Round-the-clock services, featuring the latest R.O. water adhering to AAMI Standards, advanced computerized hemodialysis machines, and continuous monitoring.
  2. Peritoneal Dialysis: Offering Chronic Peritoneal Dialysis and Automated Peritoneal Dialysis, suitable for patients in remote areas.
  3. Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT): Advanced therapy options for comprehensive renal support.
  4. Plasmapheresis: Specialized procedure for the removal, treatment, and return of blood plasma.
  5. Hemoperfusion: Therapeutic process to remove toxins from the bloodstream.
  6. Kidney Biopsy and Other Procedures: Inclusive of diagnostic procedures to assess kidney health.
  7. CAPD Catheterization: Dedicated staff for Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis catheterization.
  8. Vascular Access for Hemodialysis: Ensuring safe and efficient vascular access for hemodialysis.
  9. Kidney Transplantation and Post-Transplant Follow-up Care: Comprehensive services for kidney transplantation, including post-transplant care.
  10. Focus on Preventive Aspects: Emphasis on preventive care, dietary modification, and medication management to slow disease progression to dialysis.

Facilities Available:

Facilities Available:

      A) Clinical Nephrology:

  • Renowned as a top kidney specialist hospital, offering comprehensive facilities for renal pathology.
  • Complete biochemical, immunological, microbiological, and histological back-up under one roof.


  • B) Dialysis Unit:
  • 24×7 Dialysis services with separate chambers and staff for all patients.
  • Latest R.O. water meeting AAMI Standards for patient safety.
  • State-of-the-art computerized bicarbonate Hemodialysis machines with safety features.
  • Automatic dialyzer re-use system for safety and cost-effectiveness.
  • Continuous monitoring of patients during dialysis with sophisticated monitors.
  • Dedicated machines for HCV and Hbs Ag Positive patients.
  • Rigorous disinfection practices for patient safety.
  • Highly trained technical and nursing staff supervised by the best nephrologists.
  • Dialysis Medical officer available for handling complications.
  • Recreation and refreshment facilities provided for patients during dialysis.


  • C) Chronic Peritoneal Dialysis/Automated Peritoneal Dialysis:
  • Dedicated staff and in-house training for Peritoneal Dialysis patients.
  • Counseling available for patients and attendants on Peritoneal Dialysis.


  • D) CME (Continuous Medical Education):
  • Actively involved in CME activities for ongoing medical education.
  • Regular public awareness camps focusing on diabetes, hypertension, and early detection of chronic kidney disease.

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