Dr. B.B. Banga

Sr. Surgeon

Dr. B. B. Banga is the senior consultant

Dr. Banga completed his medical education, graduation, and post-graduation from S.P. Medical College Bikaner. Dr. Banga started his career as a medical officer in HCMS. Later he worked as a registrar in the surgery and neurosurgery department at Medical College Rohtak. Dr. Banga is an eternal educator and his interest in teaching brought him to the teaching hospital. He joined MGIMS as a lecturer in surgery. He worked there for 2 years. Later Dr. Banga joined Batra Hospital in south Delhi as a senior consultant in surgery.

In 1992, Dr. Banga moved to Hisar and since then he has been serving the people of Hisar.

Dr. Banga is presently working as a senior consultant in the general and laparoscopic surgery department.

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