Dr. Bhushan S Bansal

General Physician

Dr. Bhushan Bansal started his professional journey at B.J Medical College Ahmedabad and had the experience of working in the largest government hospital in Asia i.e. Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad. He completed his post-graduation from one of the prestigious medical colleges (NHL, MMC) in western India. After completing his post-graduation, he worked as a consultant at the prestigious Jindal Institute of Medical Science Hisar from 2012 to 2023. He has experience in treating complex medical problems involving a multi-disciplinary approach for the last 12 years. He has vast experience in treating critically ill patients who suffer from Respiratory problems during the Covid.19 pandemic. He has treated more than 2 lakh OPD patients and 50 thousand indoor patients including those requiring ICU and Critical Care. He has enormous experience in the treatment of Infectious diseases like dengue, malaria, typhoid, T.B., pneumonia, and urinary tract infections. He possesses great expertise in the treatment of endocrine disorders of the thyroid, parathyroid gland, and adrenal gland. He has a special intrust in the treatment of diabetes mellitus type I & II. Asthma, COPD, Allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis. He is also proficient in the treatment & diagnosis of diseases about Heart diseases, Kidney, (Acute chronic renal failure), Liver (Acute & chronic hepatitis, fatty liver disease), Rheumatic diseases (like- Rheumatoid arthritis, SLE, Sicca syndrome, Systemic sclerosis, antiphospholipid syndrome, etc). and Blood disorders (thrombocytopenia, pancytopenia, immune thrombocytopenia. He possesses all the latest information and guidelines for the treatment of medical disorders.

Professional Membership-

  1. Association of Physicians of India (Life Member).
  2. Indian Medical Association. (Life Member).
  3. Indian Thyroid Society. (Life Member).
  4. Research Society for Study of Diabetes in India (RSSDI). (Life Member).

Honours and Awards-

  1. Best paper presentation (Insulinoma) in Apicon 2015.
  2. Written a chapter on medical management of mucor mycosis including diabetes management in a book titled Rhino Orbital cerebral mucus mycosis (Srinagar publication) in 2022.
  3. Attended Indian Podiatry Association Haryana conference 2019 as Faculty.
  4. Attended endocrinology Society of India Regional Symposium as chairperson held at Karnal in 2023.
  5. Attended FAMED CON 2024 as Faculty and chairperson.

Courses and Certification-

  1. Diabetes Foot care workshop by indian podiatry association 2013
  2. Cleveland Clinic Advanced Certificate Course in Diabetes 2014
  3. Cleveland Clinic Advanced Certificate Course in Diabetes 2016
  4. Expert Course in Rational Use of Antibiotics and Antibiotic stewardship 2017
  5. Post Graduate Diploma in diabetes management by middle sex University in 2017
  6. Cleveland Clinic Advanced Certificate Course in Diabetes 2018
  7. Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Endocrinology and Diabetes 2018 by Royal college of Physician
  8. Masterclass in Diabetes complication by Royal College of Physician 2019
  9. Practical Guidance on comprehensive Diabetes management PGCDM by TOTALL institute Indore in 2019
  10. Covid19 in people with Diabetes and obesity by Harward Medical School 2020
  11. ADA DIABETES : Technology and Science self-assessment programme
  12. Excellence in clinical management of diabetes by Leicester Diabetes centre

CME & Conferences –

  1. CIMS CON 2012
  2. CAD Conference 2012
  3. CAD Conference 2013
  4. Delhi Heart Rhythm Summit 2013
  5. APICON 2014
  6. Advances In Diabetes 2014
  7. Annual Update On Pulmonary And Critical Care Medicine at PGIMER Chandigarh 2015
  8. APSR 2015
  9. World Congress On Coronary Heart Disease 2015
  10. RSSDI 2015
  11. CAD Conference 2016
  13. HAPPICON 2017
  14. Annual Update On Pulmonary And Critical Care Medicine at PGIMER Chandigarh 2017
  17. IICAAICON 2019
  18. APICON 2019
  20. SPEEDCON 2022
  21. NAPCON 2021
  22. Heart failure Global Web Conference 2021
  23. Current Advances In Critical Cardiology By Cleveland Clinic.

Apart from clinical and academic excellence, Dr. Bhushan Bansal has a philanthropic and disciplined approach to the care of all patients. He tries to ensure the best medical care to everybody at the cost they can afford. He is associated with various social organizations. To help patients and spread awareness about the disease and a healthy lifestyle.

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