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Athough Total Knee Arthroplasty has long ranked among the most successful procedures in modern medicine patients are becoming more demanding, and their definition of successful knee surgery is evolving, Studies suggest that one in four patients are fully satisfied with their new knee. Many of such complains stem from the fact that their total knee replacement simply feels different than their healthy knee felt. prior to surgery Patients don’t like the idea of a knee that does not feel mal or natural to wala. In order as create a more natural feeling knee that simulates normal functions without causing discomfort to the patient post-operatively, the knee system needs (to be better lining and mimic natural knee mobility.

Persona Medial Congruent Knee

Persons MC knee is a revolutionary step forward. Many contemporary knee design compromise motion so prioritize stability, while ethers compromise stability to prioritize motion. The Medial Congruent Bearing design incorporates both stability and motion. Medial congruent knee replacement implants are a type of implant that is designed to mimic the natural motion and stability of the knee joint. They have a ball and socket-style pivot point in the medial compartment, which allows the femur to rotate around the tibia without sliding or lifting.

The system’s medial conformity and anterior constraint stabilize the knee from full extension through deep flexion to restore patient confidence during daily activities. Achieving stability in extension and during stair descent is essential for restoring patient confidence during daily activities. Stability and Mobility both go hand in hand with Medial congruent knee design providing the recipient with an excellently performing joint that both feels and functions like a natural knee.
Historically, many TKA implant designs have prioritized pain reduction and survivorship ahead of restoring a natural feel Many contemporary knee designs do not replicate natural knee motion thus creating the need for an improved TKA design that more closely replicates the motion of a healthy knee.

High-Flexion Design

The ability to achieve deep flexion is essential for performing daily activities in India and many cultures throughout the world. The dwell points of the Persons Medial Congruent Bearing have been moved posteriorly to allow surgeons to restore a patient’s full range of flexion. Persona knee system and it’s instrumentation are designed keeping the patient’s post-operative comfort in mind and also the case of performing the surgery for the surgeon. From the patient’s perspective, speed and ease of recovery are the deciding factors. Patients who have had this surgery are extremely happy with the outcome.

  • A more natural feel and function of the knee, as they replicate the kinematics of a healthy knee.
  • Reduce the risk of implant wear and loosening, as they minimize the stress and friction on the implant surfaces.
  • Improved patient satisfaction and outcomes as they restore confidence, mobility, and quality of life.

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