Towards a PAINFREE DELIVERY Gaining a life without feeling the pain

Aadhar Health Institute has always upheld the ideals of being a ‘Pain-free hospital. A big part of this initiative is hospital wide quality improvement initiative to integrate pain management into routine hospital care.

Pain is an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage as described in terms of such damage. One of the most severe forms of pain, is the pain that a woman experiences during the process of childbirth. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the most severe, it is believed to be 8-10.

With the advent of multimodal pain management in labour including epidural analgesia the delivery has now become safer and almost painless procedure and a preferred mode of delivery both by patient and the obstetricians.

How it works

Pelvis and the lower limbs receive nerve supply through the nerves coming out of the spinal cord. A strong anaesthetic is injected into the epidural space to numb the pelvis and area below. This ensures that the mother is comfortable and awake during the whole procedure and is able to see the child being delivered but has reduced pain.


  • The mother has reduced pain, is conscious and is involved in the process of delivery knowing well that she will not be having pain.
  • The significant reduction in pain reduces the stress hormone levels.
  • Blood pressure is better controlled.
  • Additional instruments can be used in the delivery process.
  • If required the procedure can be converted to caesarean section.
  • The duration of labour is significantly reduced.
  • It is suitable for patients with preeclampsia and heart diseases.

The counselling for painless delivery is being offered to all antenatal patients by Department of Anaesthesiology and Pain Management at no additional cost to the patient. Painless delivery services have been a part of Aadhar Health Institute since inception and the first normal delivery in the institute was a painless one. Painless delivery has been a part of 80% of all normal deliveries in the hospital.

The feelings of a satisfied mother can be best summarized by this testimonial that we received from one of the recipients who says, “… there was a time during labour when I lost all hope of normal delivery and asked my doctor to go for C-Section. This time again my doctors motivated me and the normal delivery actually happened. A big thanks to the anaesthesia team for the painless delivery”

It is the endeavour of Department of Anaesthesiology and Pain Management to make the delivery process pain free and enjoyable so the patients can embrace the advent of motherhood with a smile and we shall pursue it with the same zeal in the time to come.

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