TENURE RECORD 18 Renal Transplants in a year -A New Milestone

Aadhar Health Isntitute – Tennur has set a new record by completing 18 successful Kidney Transplant Surgeries. The hospital had launched kidney transplant services way back in November 2020. We are well equipped with state-of-art infrastructure to handle High risk cases, Seropositive dialysis, CAPD and all major adult and Paediatric Urological Surgeries in our hospital at Tennur.

The urology department at Aadhar Health Institute is a unique resource for those suffering from diseases of the urinary system, including the kidneys, bladder, and prostate gland. As one of the major centers in Haryana, we two urologists here are proud to offer some of the region’s finest services covering every major urological disorder. By integrating and leveraging our combined expertise, wee have developed new directions for the patient-oriented management of cancer and benign urological diseases. We work as a team to break down the physical and administrative barriers to interdisciplinary interactions between urologists, nephrologists, surgeons, and medical and radiation oncologists. We are using minimally invasive surgical techniques at par with India’s finest institutes. One of the recent achievements is 18 successful kidney transplants over 1.5 years starting from its inception in November 2020. Also known as renal failure, Kidney failure is a condition in which the kidneys lose their ability to remove waste and balance fluids, and everything gets accumulated in the blood. The two main forms are acute kidney injury, which is often reversible with adequate treatment, and chronic kidney disease (CKD) which is often not reversible. CKD patients can benefit from getting kidney transplants done thereby avoiding dialysis and its morbid complications. We are treating all forms of urological cancers holistically which include kidney cancer ( RCC), Adrenal gland cancer, cancers of the ureter and bladder, and penile and testicular cancers. Prostate cancer presents with difficulty in ruination or blood in urine, and advanced cases such as bony pains and loss of appetite but rarely there are any symptoms whatsoever. For prostate cancer screening is a must in the elderly – age group 50-65 years with a test PSA (prostate-specific antigen. Renal cancer is mostly incidentally detected, while rarely presents as hematuria, mass, or pain. It is treated by removing the affected kidney (Radical Nephrectomy) and we are doing it laparoscopically. Bladder cancer is caused by smoking presently commonly with blood in the urine or detected by urine tests. Here we treat it endoscopically by a procedure called TURBT ( Transurethral resection of bladder tumor), rarely in advanced cases, we require removal of the bladder ( Radical Cystectomy ) which is also done laparoscopically. All kinds of stones (from easiest to most difficult ) are managed by us endoscopically using advanced techniques of laser. For stones, recent advancements in mini PCNL and RIRS are being offered to patients. Lastly, all benign urological disorders like incontinence, urinary tract infections, male infertility, vesicovaginal fistulas, etc are also managed to patient satisfaction.

On the occasion of World Organ Donation Day, Aadhar Health Institute organized a program “More to Give” at Tulips Resort for awareness, in which people have explained the importance of organ donation. Aadhar Hospital’s Kidney Specialists Dr. Geeta Dabas, Kidney Transplant Surgeons Dr. Ravi Shankar Kaswan and Dr. Pratik Gupta, Kidney Transplant Anesthetist Dr. Mohar Singh Jakhar and Dr. Rameshwar Lodha and Kidney Transplant Coordinator Dr Sandeep Kumar explained the importance of organ donation and its utility in today’s society. Explaining in detail about it, cleared the doubts and misconceptions of the people. Aadhar Hospital is one of the few institutes in North India where a kidney transplant is performed.
People who had undergone kidney transplants at Aadhar Hospital and donated kidneys to them also participated in this program. Kidney patients from Hisar, Bhiwani, Fatehabad, Sirsa, Jind, and other areas of Haryana and Punjab and Rajasthan also participated. The people who donated the organs shared their experiences and told them the importance of organ donation.
After this, patients took free consultation from Nephrologist & Kidney transplant physician Dr. Vijay Kumar and urologist and kidney transplant surgeon Dr. Ravi Shankar Kaswan. People appreciated this awareness program of Aadhar Hospital. Dr. Harish Sharma, Director of the hospital expressed gratitude to all the people present.

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