Dr. Ravi Shankar Kaswan

Urologist & Kidney Transplant Surgeon

Dr Ravi is well known Urologist currently working in Aadhar Health Institute. He did his MBBS in the year 2007 from Sardar Patel Medical College, Bikaner. He completed his MS in General Surgery from SMS Medical College, Jaipur.  And did his DNB in Urology from Shree Gangaram Hospital, New Delhi.

He previously worked as a senior resident at SMS Medical College in the year 2011-2014. He also worked as clinic associate at Shree Gangaram Hospital, New Delhi.

He is an expert in Urinary Track Systems of both male and female patients, as well as Male Reproductive Systems and Female Urology.

The organs under the domain of Urology include the Adrenal Glands, Ureters, Urinary Bladder, Urethra and the Male Reproductive Organs.

So far, he successfully done several Surgical Procedural like Enlarged Prostate – TURP, Kidney Stone Treatment by PCNL, Treatment of Ureter and Bladder Stone by URS and CLT, Urethral Structure Disease Treatment by OIU, BMG substitution Urethroplasty, End to End Urethroplasty, Varicocelectomy.

He also treated Erectile Dysfunction Premature Ejaculation, Male Infertility – Vasectomy Reversal, Botox Injection Therapy for OAB, Bladder Cancer by TURBT, Penile Cancer by Partial/Radical Penectomy, Radical Cystectomy Surgical Procedures for Kidney, Lap Nephrectomy (partial, radical, simple), Lap Pyeloplasty for PUJO.

His clinical focus is: – Endo Urology URO– Oncology, Reconstructive Urology, Laparoscopic Urology &  Kidney Transplant.

MS, DNB (Urology)

Consultant Urology & Kidney Transplant Surgeon

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